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Quality Aluminium Doors in South Africa

Aluminium doors are the perfect solution for the South African climate and way of living. It is a material that can withstand the elements and needs little maintenance. They are aesthetically pleasing and come in a variety of colours. As they are treated with an anti-rusting solution during manufacturing, they are corrosion-resistant. South Africans are fond of indoor-outdoor living and alu doors are the perfect choice to facilitate this style, providing an open and airy feel.

Aluminium Doors​

Types of Aluminium Doors

There are a number of types of aluminium doors you can choose from depending on the aesthetic you’re going for or whether the building is residential or commercial.

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Aluminium Hinged Doors

Aluminium-hinged doors are very popular and are commonly used in residential homes as well as in office buildings. They can be hinged on either the left or right side of the door and swing or open to either the inside or outside, depending on your preference. They are also available in single or double-door options.

Hinged Doors​

Aluminium Pivot Doors

Aluminium Pivot doors typically come in both double and single options. They are often used to make a bold and dramatic statement when entering a home or office. They are quite heavy and rotate on a pivot that is located on a designated spot in the door frame. They provide a sophisticated finish, while opening and closing smoothly.

Pivot Doors​

Aluminium Folding Sliding Doors

Aluminium sliding folding doors are the ultimate contender when it comes to creating an indoor-outdoor living space with the doors being able to fold away and create an uninterrupted walking space that is free of obstructions. They are often used in commercial spaces such as restaurants, offices, and in residential homes.

Folding Sliding Doors​

Aluminium Sliding Doors

Aluminium sliding doors are popular in South Africa. They are predominantly used in residential homes, especially when transitioning from inside the house onto the porch. It provides a lovely flow, is long-lasting, strong, and does not need a lot of maintenance to remain in good condition.

Aluminium Sliding Doors​

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It is advisable to speak to one of our team members to find out more about the variety of aluminium doors supplied by WCH Aluminium.