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Aluminium Gates, Burglar Bars and Retractable Security Products

As South Africa is a country riddled with crime, it is important to protect your family, assets, and business from intruders, get durable solution aluminium gates and more. One way to deter or prevent burglars from entering your home, business, storefront, or industrial building is to fit your aluminium doors and windows with aluminium burglar bars and/or retractable security gates. Aluminium is incredibly strong, making it the perfect material to use for your security needs. It is also aesthetically pleasing when the correct design is applied. The retractable security gates are also able to retract all the way back allowing you to have an open and airy view when you are in the mood for an indoor-outdoor living area.

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A Variety of Aluminium Gates & Security Options

At WCH Aluminium we have three options available for your security needs. Each of these options comes highly recommended and is sure to provide you, your family, and your business with the safety your desire.

Retractable Security Aluminium Gates

Retractable security aluminium gates are perfect for sliding doors and other doors that lead out of the home. They are strong and will prevent burglars from entering your home by providing a protective barrier over the glass. Thus, even if burglars break through your glass sliding door or hinged door, they will not be able to get past the retractable gate.


Aluminium Burglar Bars

Aluminium is an extremely durable and strong material that is able to withstand a lot of force. You are also able to have a custom design manufactured to ensure that your burglar bars suit the aesthetic of your building, whether it be residential or commercial.


Clear Burglar Bars

Clear burglar bars are made from transparent polycarbonate. As polycarbonate has a high resistance to impact, it is a great option for burglar bars should you be very against the look of aluminium burglar bars. It is said that polycarbonate is stronger than some steel, being able to handle tensile strength of over 3 tons. As with all materials, it is important to ensure that you make use of high-quality polycarbonate.


Burglar Bar and Retractable Security Gate Price

The price of aluminium burglar bars and retractable security gates will fluctuate according to the price of aluminium at the time as well as the size and style that you desire. It is advisable to contact us at WCH Aluminium to discuss design and cost. We will then send you a quote, after which you can decide whether or not you would like to proceed with the manufacturing and installation process.