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Timeless Aluminium Windows in South Africa

Why settle for wood or fibreglass when you could have aluminium windows installed? Our Alu windows are lightweight, corrosion-resistant, durable, environmentally friendly, and aesthetically pleasing. They don’t require a lot of maintenance to retain their aesthetic appeal and are a good long-term investment. You can even reinforce your windows with double-glazed or tempered glass window panes to act as a safety feature against burglars. All of these features have ensured that your property value increases as a result of installing aluminium windows.

aluminium windows

Types of Aluminium Windows

There are various types of aluminium windows that depending on your requirements, use, and aesthetic style will be suitable in different applications. One of the factors to take into consideration is whether you are installing your aluminium windows at a business, shopfront, or residential home.

Aluminium Top Hung Windows

Aluminium Top hung windows refer to windows that typically pivot at the top of the window and open horizontally towards the outside of the building. They are able to fix at a certain angle, which will determine how far your window opens. They are very popular in businesses such as hotels and shopping malls, but are also appropriate in a residential home in the right setting and placement.


Aluminium Side Hung Windows

Aluminium Side hung windows have a hinge located on one side of the window and thus open vertically. These windows open towards the outside of the building. They are exceptionally good at providing ventilation and are thus popular for use within residential homes.

Side Hung Windows​

Aluminium Sliding Windows

Suitable for use in residential homes as well as commercial spaces, aluminium sliding windows are a classic and elegant choice. They are extremely functional and do not obstruct the walking path of those walking past the building as they do not open towards the outside of the building. Thus, if the space is tight these windows are a perfect choice.

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Aluminium Sliding Folding Windows

Aluminium sliding folding windows are stylish and sleek, being able to fold all the way open and provide a beautiful, clear, and uninterrupted view of the outdoors. They also provide very good ventilation into a space.


Aluminium Pivot Windows

Pivot windows are a little more unique than other variations of aluminium windows as they pivot around a predetermined spot within the window frame. This allows the window to pivot and open wider than for example top or side hung aluminium windows. These windows are popular in both commercial and residential buildings.

Aluminium Pivot Windows​

Aluminium Fixed Windows

A fixed aluminium window is also known as a picture frame window, and it does just that, it frames outdoor scenery to capture the perfect viewpoint of the landscape. These windows offer a lot of light and are extremely popular in residential homes.


Aluminium Shopfront Windows

Aluminium shopfront windows bring an air of sophistication and class to a shopfront window, making it more appealing to passersby. They are very popular as they are low-maintenance and very durable within a commercial space.


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It is advisable to speak to one of our team members to find out more about the variety of aluminium windows supplied by WCH Aluminium.