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Aluminium is considered the most recycled metal today. Making it to a much more cost-efficient way to construct certain projects. Utilizing a product that can be and is constantly recycled for so many uses make aluminium very desirable. The characteristics and properties can be described as light-weight, durable and flexible. The ability to mold for many construction or building applications goes unmeasured. Used as an extruded component, as well as many design features that can be molded into desired profiles during the production stage. The metals excellent resistance to corrosion and weathering reduces maintenance and extends the life of the product. The reluctance of the material offers valuable insulation advantages.

Applications for Aluminium

Construction and building use with such a light-weight metal offers many advantages. The flexibility offers the ability to conform it to many applications. Window frames typically need the flexibility and resistance that is available with this metal. Many building structures utilize such a metal to offer the ability to conform to specifications or measurements that can change during the process of production or building of any project. Steel and other harden metals do not offer the flexibility that can be obtained with using a metal that offers the ability to mold in place on the spot. Many door assemblies, curtain walling, or rain gutters, that may require from protection from acidity of rainwater and other elements. Because it is ductile, aluminium can be formed into a number of different applications or profiles for a given project. Its uses are by no means limited to flat panels. The flexibility with wall cladding systems will create some of the most attractive and functional exteriors on buildings today. With large wall panels, either flat or formed, require fewer joints, producing fast and economical installation. Applications are limitless consequently because of the flexibility for almost any application.

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