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Bring the Outside, Inside with Aluminium Folding Doors

We love the outdoors, being South African, whether it is raining or the sun is doing its magic .Thank goodness, more often than not, the weather in South African is amazing and more than just enjoyable. You should be taking even more advantage of this by bringing the outdoors into your home by installing aluminium folding doors.

Why  Aluminium?

Aluminium is 100% recyclable, it is versatile and has many benefits that makes it ideal for application in folding doors. Thanks to its strength, and even though it is lightweight, it is used in many aspects of construction. When used to build folding doors aluminium is the best material because it is corrosion resistance

Why Aluminium Folding Doors in your Home?

Natural light will flow into your home space through the aluminium folding doors and will create easy access in and out (from the braai to the kitchen, making it easier to get to the fridge).

Aluminium folding doors are not only beautiful and functional but they also help in saving you some money. You will potentially spend less money on energy staying cool in the summer and nice and warm in the winter.

Aluminium folding doors are perfect at keeping things out, they also create a seamless flow between the outdoor and indoor spaces of your home. They work especially well as doors leading out to the patio and braai area for streamlined entertaining

Aluminium Folding Doors in your Business

For both commercial and residential clients, this is an attractive feature. Because aluminium folding doors fold up and stack easily to one side where they hardly take up space. And just like that you have a wide opening that connects indoor and outdoor spaces. You can market this as an energy-efficient way to cool your business without air conditioners or as a spacious design feature for business.

Contact WCH Aluminium for your aluminium folding doors. We are more than happy to fit your home with our quality products.

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