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Aluminium has various uses as it possesses unique characteristics. It has a low density, is resistant to rust, has a high melting point and is highly conductive. It is also a very reasonably priced metal which can be continuously recycled without any alterations to its properties.

It can be used for:

Household items. Windows and door frames, kitchen utensils, various appliances and furniture can be made from aluminium.

Construction equipment. Skylights, wiring, pipes, ladders and bars can be made from aluminium. Bigger construction items can also be made from this material.

Transportation. Because of its light weight, aluminium is ideal for boats, cars, aeroplanes and other means of transport.

Power lines. As a result of being lighter than other materials such as copper, aluminium is useful for power lines. As it is conductive, it is able to transfer energy.

Packaging. Aluminium is important to this industry as it is not very susceptible to corrosion, does not possess toxins and does not affect the smell or taste of food.

Rocket fuel. As if it does not already have enough uses, aluminium can be used as rocket fuel when it is in powder form.

Aluminium is a very useful and important metal for various industries as seen by its many different uses.

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